Return engagement

By Marcia Vickers, Fortune senior writer

(Fortune Magazine) -- Matthew Bevan Cox, 37, the subject of Fortune's Nov. 13 story "The Bonnie & Clyde of Mortgage Fraud," was finally nabbed on Nov. 16 at his Nashville home by federal and local authorities.

Cox had been living under the alias Joseph Carter and running a home-refurbishing business. On Nov. 13, Cox and his girlfriend were robbed at gunpoint in his home and filed a police report. They went into hiding at a hotel. Meanwhile, a witness recognized Cox from his Secret Service Most Wanted List mug shot.

In a sting, the feds and police lured Cox back to his house and arrested him. Cox and accomplice Rebecca Hauck were indicted by a federal grand jury in absentia in 2005. (Hauck was arrested in March and was sentenced on Nov. 15 to almost six years in jail.) Cox faces up to 400 years in jail.  Top of page