Leading indicators

A compendium of revealing stats

By Elen Wu, Fortune

(Fortune Magazine) -- Here's a snapshot of everyday life in China taken from an October door-to-door poll of 2,239 people in seven major cities by Beijing-based Horizon Research.

Screened In 6.7 hours

Amount of time per day spent in front of television or computer screens. Half of Chinese urban youth have Internet friends and spend 77 minutes a day chatting online.

Family Values 57 minutes

Average time per day spent with family members. Connection with neighbors is even weaker: More than half don't know what their neighbors do for a living.

Splurging on Luxury 19.2%

Percentage of Chinese who save money for months or years in order to buy luxury goods. But 12.3% of them say they regret it afterward.

Saving Face $43

Monthly spending on cosmetics for middle-income Chinese. For all Chinese, the average is $14. People spend 13.7 minutes per day looking in the mirror.

Calling Imelda Marcos 8.4 pairs

Average number of shoes per person. Chinese spend about $200 each year on clothes and have an average of 6.1 sweaters and 2.7 suits.  Top of page