February 29 2008: 3:01 PM EST

Hole in one

Lance Barrow, 51, coordinating producer for NFL and golf at CBS Sports

By Eugenia Levenson, writer-reporter

(FORTUNE Magazine) -- The Super Bowl can't come fast enough for Lance Barrow. A former center at Abilene Christian University, Barrow has crisscrossed the globe for CBS producing everything from the Daytona 500 to the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway. Next month he will be calling all the shots for the first time at Super Bowl XLI. He won't fall into a post-season depression when it's over: The 12-handicap golfer has just two months to gear up for his second-favorite gig, covering the Masters in Augusta, Ga. We caught up with this behind-the-scenes MVP as he waited to board at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

DAYS ON THE ROAD: North of 250.

ALWAYS WITH ME: My Club Glove rolling duffel bag. It's sturdy and guaranteed not to rip or tear.

FAVORITE WAY TO FLY: Cathay Pacific - the service is amazing.

TIMESAVER: I have colleagues who won't check a bag to save their lives. But if you check your bag at the curb, it gets you through security faster.

AIRPORT TIP: If you're going to the Northeast, Providence is a great airport. We fly there during football season instead of Logan: It's smaller, it's workable, and the rental cars aren't far away.

FAVORITE HOTEL: The Crown in Melbourne has the fastest room service in the world. Halfway through your order, they're knocking on your door.

UNDERRATED GOLF COURSE: Formby, on the west coast of England, is one of the great courses in the world, but not many people hear about it because it doesn't host an open championship.

NINETEENTH HOLE: The Sardine Factory in Monterey, Calif. The golf community is small, and you can run into almost anyone who's playing in the tournament at Pebble Beach.

LUNCH SPOT: I was telling friends of mine at Texas A&M, which was in the Holiday Bowl last month in San Diego, to go to Point Loma Seafood Market there. It's a lunch place. You can sit outside, see the bay, and you can also buy fresh fish coming off the boats.

NEXT BEST THING TO BEING THERE: Las Vegas would be the greatest place to watch the Super Bowl. You'll get it on any screen, any hotel, any casino. And if the game gets boring or you don't like the teams, there's always something else to do in Vegas.  To top of page