More questions for Miley Cyrus

By Devin Leonard, Fortune senior writer

Fortune's Devin Leonard and his 11-year-old daughter Faith recently caught up with Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus and talked to her about the duality of Hannah, the perils of teenage celebrity and the importance of chilling out with your "peeps." Here are more answers from Disney's biggest new star.

Do you ever wish you had a secret identify that you could use to hide from the pressures of celebrity?

Sometimes when I'm out with all my friends and things get so crazy, I can¹t go shopping with them anymore and I have to leave, I kind of wish I had a little bit of a secret identity. But I like meeting the fans.

How long do you think the Hannah Montana phenomenon will last?

I don't know. I love doing it. I hope it can go on as long as possible. When the show is done filming, we¹ll still have a lot of episodes coming out because we film a lot in advance. But it's going to be sad not to do them everyday. We have a lot of fun on the set. We've been together for two years. we just love each other.

Tell us about your media consumption habits. Do you have a Blackberry? An iPod?

Oh, my gosh! My Sidekick is always with me. I have my e-mail on there, which I'm always getting from managers and all those guys. That's where I have my business ­ I've got AOL instant messenger. That's for all my friends and then my phone. I'm always on my phone, but I'm obsessed with my Sidekick. I don't go anywhere without it.

What do you watch on TV?

I'm not a big reality show person. I never got into American idol. I've never seen an episode. But I'm going to get into it this season for sure because everybody talks about it. So that's my new thing that I'm going to get into.

Disney plans to create a virtual world based on the Hannah Montana show as part of the new Have you seen it or talked to the company about it?

Yeah, they are going to be doing a lot of cool things with the Internet

Who do you relate to more: Miley or Hannah?*

Both. My life is kind of that double life type thing. So I think Miley When I'm hanging out with my family and my friends. When I'm on stage singing, I feel like Hannah Montana, the rock star. I'm a lot like both of them.

Was your dad originally cast as the dad on the show or was he picked after you were picked?

It was really weird. I went into casting and they wanted him to come on once or twice as an uncle or something crazy. I said, "Well, my dad wants to move out here, too. He'd love to audition." So he came out and auditioned after I'd gotten the part. He actually auditioned for me. Let me tell you, just as a father-daughter type thing, that was really weird. I'm glad that it turned out for the best because he wasn't originally going to be the dad.

*These questions were asked by Faith Leonard. Top of page