China's increasingly stressed-out execs

(FORTUNE Magazine) -- Chinese managers report more stress than workers, according to an Internet poll of nearly 4,000 people conducted last fall by Fortune China in conjunction with Beijing EAPs Consulting.

Stress level: 73% of managers report experiencing "obvious and extreme" stress. That compares with 59% of workers in professions such as finance, government, manufacturing, real estate, and technology.

Impact on work: 55% report decreased efficiency because of stress; 43% say stress creates a lack of interest in work; 16% say it creates bad relationships with colleagues.

Impact on personal life: 48% say they feel "negative emotion"; 47% admit to having problems sleeping; 26% report a physical impact such as disease.

Impact on well-being: 16% report "poor physical well-being." Among those, 70% frequently feel extremely exhausted or physically burned out; 38% say they drink, eat, or smoke a great deal more than normal; 36% frequently feel aches or pains.

Seeking professional help: 36% say they possess "little stress-related knowledge"; 28% of managers have considered seeking psychological counseling.  Top of page