Stanley Bing

The charge of the Fortune 500

Bing poeticizes this year's Fortune 500 companies.

By Stanley Bing, Fortune contributor

(Fortune Magazine) -- 1. Quarter by quarter,

Upward and onward - All in the valley of Wealth

Rode the 500.

From Wal-Mart at No. 1

To SunGard when day is done;

All into the valley of Wealth

Rode the 500.

2. Exxon moves down a notch!

Do they break out the Scotch?

Not tho' with foreign oil

They are encumbered:

Theirs not to cringe like mice!

Theirs not to ponder twice!

Theirs just to raise the price!

Into the valley of Wealth

Rode the 500.

3. Sarbanes to the right of them,

Oxley to the left of them,

Watchdogs in the face of them

Sashayed and rumba'd;

Stormed at by journalists,

Boldly they raised their fists,

Into the jaws of Wealth,

With friendly analysts

Rode the 500.

4. Flashed all the brilliant toys

For all us girls and boys,

Stuff that we all enjoys!

iPods and TVs and

Gizmos unnumbered:

Driving our wants and needs,

All of our mouths they feeds;

Every competitor

Crushed as their massive deeds

Rend them asundered!

Fearsome 500!

5. Moguls to the right of them,

Moguls to the left of them,

Moguls behind them

Volley'd & blunder'd;

Hassled by stupid deals

Which spoiled their evening meals,

With uncompromising zeals

Leapt through the jaws of Wealth--

No one knows how they feels!

Soldiers of destiny

Serve the 500.

6. When can their glory fade?

How did they make the grade?

All the world wondered.

No one can say for sure.

Who cares? They will endure!

Noble 500!

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