Table of Contents:VOL. 166, NO. 4 - September 03, 2012
Cover story
Election special
Hey, Washington: Enough already!
Neither Obama nor Romney talks about the hard choices America needs to make to solve its economic woes. Fortune's Geoff Colvin and Allan Sloan offer a commonsense proposal for getting the country back on track.
Barack Obama: A president ready for a showdown
If Obama is elected to a second term, he's likely to stop making concessions with the GOP on economic measures and force a confrontation - right away. By Tory Newmyer
Mitt Romney's five-point plan for the economy
Helped by an all-star team of advisers, the Republican candidate maps out ways to stimulate business. By David Whitford, with Doris Burke
Leadership Q&A
What's the secret of survival these days? Change quickly, says AT&T's Cathy Coughlin, along with your customer.Interview by Geoff Colvin
The secret of See's Candies
Warren Buffett calls it a "dream business." Californians love it. Now CEO Brad Kinstler is expanding east. Will it work? By Daniel Roberts
Can the Navy really go green?
Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is betting that the service will get half its energy from renewables by 2020. By Brian Dumaine
Closer look
The ultimate corner office: In the cab of a crane on the 91st floor of 1 World Trade Center. By Ryan Bradley
An eco-friendly, elegant prefab. By Brian Dumaine
Where the high cost of corn will hurt most. By Cecilia Paasche, graphic by Nicolas Rapp
Game changers
The man behind the JOBS Act. By Richard McGill Murphy
How I got started
Zappos's Nick Swinmurn quietly built a retail giant. Edited by Dinah Eng
Fastest-growing companies
For Alexion, rare diseases mean big profits. By Richard McGill Murphy
The future is now
Miniature robots repair patients' bodies from the inside. By Ryan Bradley
Hulu's drama
The networks that own the streaming TV service are squabbling, and Hulu could stall. By Janet Morrissey
How cloud storage services stack up. By Omar Akhtar and Richard Nieva
Financial matters
Why boutique investment bank Centerview Partners matters on Wall Street -and beyond. By Shawn Tully
Value play
Betting on banks. By Russell Pearlman
Wealth adviser
It's time to adjust your thinking about mortgages. By Janice Revel
John Cassidy
Obama should have canned Bernanke in 2009.
Nina Easton
A radical tax plan the left and right can agree on.
Sheila Bair
The Fed dropped the ball during the Libor scandal.
Becky Quick
Mike Oxley on Sarbox: His one big regret.
Dan Primack
Private equity's twisted trip down the campaign trail.