Table of Contents:VOL. 166, NO. 6 - October 08, 2012
Cover story
Most Powerful Women
IBM's new CEO looks ahead
Ginni Rommety will have to sell like never before to keep Big Blue growing. By Jessi Hempel
The rehabilitation of Brenda Barnes
The former Sara Lee CEO suffered a stroke that curtailed her career - but gave her a life. By Patricia Sellers
The list
This year's MPW are shaping the future of technology, defense, and media.
The international power 50
The top global businesswomen: cool heads in a turbulent world economy. By Rupali Arora
The new billionaire political activist
TD Ameritrade's Joe Ricketts is spending millions to promote his political vision and unseat the President. By Jennifer Reingold, with Doris Burke
How to survive a Wall Street meltdown
The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy almost killed Neuberger Berman. Can it succeed now by diversifying abroad? By Scott Cendrowski
Bad to the bone
A medical device maker decided to illegally test a bone cement on people. The results were disastrous. By Mina Kimes
Gordon Moore's journey
The Silicon Valley legend on Intel, life before venture capital, and, of course, Moore's law. Interview by David A. Kaplan
The largest landowner in America
Media billionaire John Malone owns 2.2 million acres, putting him ahead of his pal Ted Turner. By Jeff Hull
Greatest business decisions
How Apple, Ford, Boeing, and others made radical choices that changed the course of business. A Fortune book excerpt.
The stem cell dilemma
Breakthroughs promise a new era in medicine, but not even Andy Grove can figure out how to make the business work. By Jeffrey M. O'Brien
Leadership: Kayak takes on the big dogs
Founder Paul English battles competitors by recruiting great talent and making the customer king. Interview by Geoff Colvin
Book excerpt: The big bailout
During the crisis, the Treasury Department gave our biggest banks billions. It wasn't necessary, says former FDIC chief Sheila Bair in her new book.
Analysis: Break up the euro
Don't believe the politicians. The common currency can't survive as is. Here's the right way to handle a split. By Shawn Tully
Closer look
What the future holds for Old King Coal. By Ryan Bradley
Burning question
Why are we still mourning Jobs? By Jennifer Abbasi
Game changers
The Khan Academy founder tells his story. By Salman Khan
The chartist
The case for wage equality. By Colleen Leahey
Commodity watch
Tantalum, a metal for James Bond villains. By Omar Akhtar
World's most admired companies
Vornado Realty Trust: Big bets in uncertain times. By Richard McGill Murphy
Second act
Michelle Lam finds her fit. By Colleen Leahey
The best new hotels
A shortlist of the best options for any budget. By Alexandra Kirkman
Road warrior
Tata Consultancy Services' Natarajan Chandrasekaran. By Scott Gummer
Verne Harnish
Ways to recharge your mind and your business.
Fastest-growing companies
OpenTable, the online-reservation network. By Richard McGill Murphy
The future is now
The quantified self. By JP Mangalindan
Tech stars
Former dotcom CEO Keith Krach is back in the game. By Miguel Helft
Social media
Where the women are: Online. More than half of social media users are female. By Jennifer Alsever
Henry Ellenbogen: Tech investing's East Coast man. By Mina Kimes
Financial matters
Biogen Idec's Paul Clancy understands the other side of being a CFO. By Katie Benner
Will a European merger and new iPhone shipments boost UPS when airfreight is flagging? Interviews by Ryan Derousseau
Allan Sloan
Who would be better for the markets: Obama or Romney?
Jack and Suzy Welch
Why some people hate business - and why they shouldn't.
Dan Primack
How Facebook killed the big IPO.
Becky Quick A sticky (notes) problem: Mergers and consumers.