Table of Contents:VOL. 166, NO. 8 - November 12, 2012
Cover story
The odd couple
From Harvard to Silicon Valley to Wall Street, Buddy Fletcher and Ellen Pao scaled the heights of American business and society. Their marriage was the joining of two superstars. Then they went to war with their elite worlds.By Adam Lashinsky and Katie Benner
The best advice I ever got
What happens when you ask 21 luminaries from all walks - finance, law, tech, the military, and beyond - for the one piece of wisdom that got them to where they are today?
The elixir and the short-sellers
Nu Skin, a $2 billion multilevel marketer in Utah - with ties to Mitt Romney - says its skin-care and nutritional products can delay aging. But short-sellers and a couple of angry ex-husbands are taking the company on, and they're not being quiet about it.By Peter Elkind, with Doris Burke
The healing machine
How a simple device for closing wounds made fortunes for its inventors, for its marketers, and for Wake Forest University - until rivals claimed it was too simple. By Ken Otterbourg
Medtronic: How to fix a great American Business Interview by Geoff Colvin
Closer look
The world's largest fir-tree farm delivers 1 million trees in time for Christmas. By Paul Kvinta
Ex-Goldman Sachs banker turned author Greg Smith plays ball. By Stephen Gandel
Ones to watch
KKR'S Ken Mehlman defends the private equity industry. By Dan Primack
Game changers
Meet the leaders of the Treasury bureau that is shaping U.S.- Iran policy. By Emily Cadei
Brainstorm green
Driverless vehicles are coming - and sooner than you think. By Brian Dumaine
Executive dream team
For the CEOs at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit: To collaborate or lead? By Stephanie N. Mehta
Best companies to work for
Fifty small but great workplaces. By Omar Akhtar
How I got started
Robert Johnson, company creator. Interview by Dinah Eng
Verne Harnish
The must-read books of the year.
Fastest-growing companies
IMAX: Bigger screens, more money. By Richard McGill Murphy
Streaming media
Roku looks beyond the box. By JP Mangalindan
Are dividend stocks in a bubble?
High-yielding equities are still a good deal - as long as you're selective. By Shawn Tully
Financial matters
Wall Street's new "It" guy. By Katie Benner
Wealth adviser
A safer way to guard against inflation. By Janice Revell
Sheila Bair
Want to fix Congress? Let's institute pay for performance.
Geoff Colvin
The challenge ahead for the new Congress: Saving our skin.
Becky Quick
A call for frank talk about our debt from Bill Clinton (and me).
Nina Easton
Corporate America needs to show that it hasn't given up on U.S. workers.