Table of Contents:VOL. 167, NO. 3 - February 25, 2013
Cover story
eBay's back!
Supercharged by PayPal, the e-commerce company and its stock are red-hot. Watch out, Amazon! By JP Mangalindan
Can P&G's CEO hang on?
Procter & Gamble says it's emerging from a rough patch. Will that be enough to save Bob McDonald's job? By Jennifer Reingold, with Doris Burke
The Trailblazers
Meet a new generation of founder CEOs changing the way we work, shop, and play. By Omar Akhtar, Erika Fry, and Kurt Wagner
The case for having a founder run the business.
By Jessi Hempel
The mystery company importing Americana to the Mideast
How M.H. Alshaya is transforming mall culture in the Gulf region with lattes, milk shakes, and cheesecakes. By Beth Kowitt
The Chinese are coming!
Tourists from China are the new big spenders. Are U.S. companies ready for them? By Mina Kimes
Closer look
The pinball industry is down to its last ball, but help is on the way. By Erika Fry
More women coders
A different approach to hiring in a male-dominated field. By Alison Overholt
Face to Face
Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin: growing up, but not apart. By Miguel Helft
World's Most Admired Companies
John Deere plows ahead. By Anne VanderMey
The Future is Now
A sharper image: Ultra-high-definition TV. By JP Mangalindan
Who are the hackers costing companies and large institutions millions? By Erika Fry
Tech Star
Benchmark's Bill Gurley: The smartest VC in the room. By Jessi Hempel
Seeking simpler software, enterprise firms have been buying consumer startups. By Michal Lev-Ram
Thriving on the dividend and buyback diet
Why it's important to focus on the cash that companies return to shareholders. By Shawn Tully
Anatomy of a Trade
The Delafield Fund is stocking up on Staples shares. By Ryan Derousseau
Playing cyberdefense
Budget cuts loom for traditional military contractors, but electronic-security companies will flourish. By Katie Benner
Game Changers
Turkish Airlines goes global
The carrier aims to become an international powerhouse. By Erika Fry
Allan Sloan
Three lessons for Apple's shareholders.
Geoff Colvin
Your business model doesn't work anymore.
John Cassidy
Even if the economy does well, the stock market is headed for a rough patch.
Becky Quick
Why some Americans are turning down free money.