LinkedIn: How itâÄôs changing business (and how to make it work for you)
July 01, 2013
Cover Story

Once considered a nerdy repository for digital résumés, the service is becoming an indispensable social-networking tool. By Jessi Hempel

  • How to invest at every stage

    How to invest at every stage

    ThereâÄôs more to managing your money at different points in your life and career than simply increasing your bond allocation as you age. Here are six targeted techniques to help you take control of your financial future. By Janice Revell

  • 5 great stocks to buy at any age.

    5 great stocks to buy at any age

    Some investments make sense at particular stages. Then there are the stalwarts. WeâÄôve asked five elite fund managers for their top long-term stock picks.

  • A risky tax tactic

    A risky tax tactic

    Moving your residency to a low-tax-rate state can save you money. But if you donâÄôt do it right, the downside could be dire. By Janice Revell

  • The rebirth of Fannie & Freddie

    The rebirth of Fannie & Freddie

    The government pledged to phase out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but now the mortgage giants are back with record profits and a virtual monopoly on home financing. What went wrong, and what should be done to bring private capital back to housing. By Shawn Tully

  • Introducing: The kid VC

    Introducing: The kid VC

    Alex Banayan has befriended dozens of CEOs and turned down a TV show about his life, and is writing a book of business advice. Did we mention heâÄôs just 20 years old? By Scott Cendrowski

  • Leadership Q&A: Jan Siegmund

    Leadership Q&A: Jan Siegmund

    The CFO of ADP explains how Obamacare and big data are changing his business. By Geoff Colvin

  • Velcro just wants some closure

    Velcro just wants some closure

    Velcro Industries is trying to build a brand. That means convincing consumers that not all fasteners are created equal. By Beth Kowitt

  • The deal he couldnâÄôt close

    The deal he couldnâÄôt close

    Eric Gleacher was a legendary dealmaker -- but he wasnâÄôt able to persuade his own board to sell his firm and save it. By Scott Cendrowski

  • Dan Primack

    Dan Primack

    ObamaâÄôs energy loan program is no boondoggle after all.

  • Geoff Colvin

    Geoff Colvin

    Can Indra Nooyi keep investors sweet on Pepsi?

  • John Cassidy

    John Cassidy

    Just because tax avoidance is legal doesnâÄôt mean it is right.

  • Nina Easton

    Nina Easton

    Did Congress miss the moment on serious plans for U.S. workers?

  • Chartist


    St. Regis Museum Tower: a high-rise of power players. By Kurt Wagner

  • Fastest-Growing Companies

    Fastest-Growing Companies

    Under Armour pulls a range of big-name athletes into its orbit. By Kurt Wagner

  • Tech star

    Tech star

    Lars Dalgaard sold SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion. Then his son was diagnosed with leukemia. By Michal Lev-Ram

  • Connected


    Martin Koffel, CEO of URS, runs a vast infrastructure business, from high-speed rail to nuclear power. By Adam Lashinsky

  • Car+tech


    TodayâÄôs cars have more in common with tablets and smartphones than meets the eye. By Matt Vella