The gray art of not quite insider trading
September 02, 2013
Cover Story

Scores of arrests and the indictment of SAC Capital have Wall Street spooked. But whatâÄôs the crime exactly? The SEC and the Supreme Court disagree. So nobodyâÄôs sure -- and thatâÄôs how regulators like it. By Roger Parloff

  • The starting lineup

    The starting lineup

    Our 2013 squad brings digital skills, financial smarts, and global perspective. By Geoff Colvin, Craig Giammona, David A. Kaplan, Michal Lev-Ram, Stephanie N. Mehta, Daniel Roberts, and Anne VanderMey

  • (Brew)master of the universe

    (Brew)master of the universe

    CEO Carlos Brito plans to keep Anheuser-Busch InBev, the worldâÄôs largest beermaker, on top. By Daniel Roberts

  • The redemption of Charles Phillips

    The redemption of Charles Phillips

    How the CEO of Infor is reinventing his company -- and himself. By Michal Lev-Ram

  • Qatar takes over the world

    Qatar takes over the world

    Fueled by vast energy riches and run by an ambitious group of young leaders, the tiny Arab nation is investing its wealth around the globe. By Vivienne Walt

  • Allan Sloan

    Allan Sloan

    Obama introduces a new game: fake bipartisanship.

  • Auto

    Sheila Bair

    Why is BernankeâÄôs Fed dragging its feet on bank regulations?

  • John Cassidy

    John Cassidy

    A cautiously optimistic take on our bipolar economy.

  • Becky Quick

    Becky Quick

    A snack makerâÄôs unsavory business practices.

  • Closer look

    Closer look

    Wall Street gets into the flood-prevention business. By Ryan Bradley

  • Briefing


    Could a supercomputer beat cancer? By Brian Dumaine

  • Education


    How Aramark is silently taking over student dining. By Lauren Silva Laughlin

  • Good advice

    Good advice

    Warren BuffettâÄôs billion-dollar memo to the Washington Post Co. By Stephen Gandel

  • Face to face

    Face to face

    The worldâÄôs largest architecture and design firm features three CEOs. By Ryan Bradley

  • New Energy

    New Energy

    With a wave of new models in the pipeline, automakers are betting that the hydrogen carâÄôs time has finally come. By Brian Dumaine

  • How I Got Started

    How I Got Started

    Patrick Leon Esquerré's La Madeleine married American convenience to French food and took off in the South. Interview by Dinah Eng

  • Fastest-Growing Companies

    Fastest-Growing Companies

    For-profit universities are prospering, but are they delivering an equal education? By Anne VanderMey

  • Markets


    Lending Club is backed by Google and could be the next hot IPO. HereâÄôs why it might make sense for you. By Jessi Hempel

  • Face-off


    Will the return of its former CEO lift J.C. PenneyâÄôs shares? By Brandon Southward

  • The income gap

    The income gap

    President Obama pushing his economic agenda got me thinking about income equality lately. By Andy Serwer