40 Under 40
October 28, 2013
Cover Story

The definitive rankings of power and potential in the corporate world.

  • Sheryl Sandberg: The real story

    Sheryl Sandberg: The real story

    A billionaire bestselling author, FacebookâÄôs COO is one of the most powerful women on the planet. But what does she really do?By Miguel Helft

  • The 50 Most Powerful Women

    The 50 Most Powerful Women

    Meet a group of executives who donâÄôt sit still. By Catherine Dunn, Beth Kowitt, Colleen Leahey, and Anne VanderMey

  • Questions for Shonda Rhimes

    Questions for Shonda Rhimes

    The creator and executive producer talks about her growing television empire. By Colleen Leahey

  • The International Power 50

    The International Power 50

    The women on FortuneâÄôs annual list are changing the face of global power. By Rupali Arora

  • Twitters ambassador

    Twitter's ambassador

    As the social networking service gets ready to go public, Katie Stanton takes stock of her career. By Patricia Sellers

  • The last glass ceiling?

    The last glass ceiling?

    Women remain woefully underrepresented on U.S. corporate boards. HereâÄôs how to fix a persistent problem. By Patricia Sellers

  • Wendy Kopp

    Wendy Kopp

    The Teach for America entrepreneur is taking her education model abroad. By Patricia Sellers

  • The Mysterious life and death of InTradeâÄôs CEO

    The Mysterious life and death of IntradeâÄôs CEO

    John Delaney tried to build a global betting market out of the âÄúwisdom of crowds.âÄù Two years after his death, many who knew him well are wondering if they truly did. By Brian O'Keefe

  • IntelâÄôs do-or-die duo

    Intel's do-or-die duo

    Brian Krzanich and Renée James both wanted to be CEO of the chipmaker. Now theyâÄôve teamed up to take on one of techâÄôs toughest tasks: getting Intel inside the smartphone. By Michal Lev-Ram

  • The proboscis files

    The proboscis files

    In which an Omaha plastic surgeon brings to justice those who would make illicit use of his nose-job photographs. By David A. Kaplan

  • IntelâÄôs do-or-die duo

    Squeezing Heinz

    It's been four months since Heinz sold itself to Warren Buffett and 3G. Now 3G is making radical cuts at the $11.6 billion ketchup titan. Will it work? By Jennifer Reingold

  • Ovitz does Silicon Valley

    Ovitz does Silicon Valley

    Once upon a time, Michael Ovitz ruled Hollywood. Then he flamed out. Now heâÄôs edging back onstage -- as an adviser to tech companies. By David A. Kaplan

  • Painful prescription

    Painful prescription

    Pharmacy benefit managers became a $250 billion industry by promising to save companies millions. But critics say they make out better than their customers. By Katherine Eban

  • Uncle Sam's river

    Uncle Sam's river

    Eighty years after its founding, the Tennessee Valley Authority is once again in politicians' cross hairs. By Ken Otterbourg

  • Geoff Colvin

    Geoff Colvin

    Ignore these leadership lessons at your peril.

  • Allan Sloan

    Allan Sloan

    Why J.P. Morgan's current woes may be the least of its problems.

  • Becky Quick

    Becky Quick

    How I got schooled on college savings plans.

  • Dan Primack

    Dan Primack

    We're all investors, but weâÄôre no angels.

  • Nina Easton

    Nina Easton

    Keystone XL and the dark side of green.

  • Closer look

    Closer look

    A technology-focused food company shakes up online video. By Paul Adams

  • Retail


    How Home Depot benefits from Burning Man. By Catherine Dunn

  • Chartist


    The media try to keep up in the Internet Age. By Ryan Bradley, Nicolas Rapp, Anne VanderMey, and Marilyn Adamo

  • Game Changers

    Game Changers

    Tracy GaudetâÄôs overhaul of the Veterans Health Administration might transform health care. By Beth Kowitt

  • Fastest-Growing Companies

    Fastest-Growing Companies

    Polaris, the top seller of ATVs, is taking on Harley. By Craig Giammona

  • Road Warrior

    Road Warrior

    Steven Wong scours the globe to find the freshest seafood. By Catherine Dunn

  • Face to Face

    Face to Face

    Steve Case and Ted Leonsis aim to build the East CoastâÄôs biggest venture fund. By Ryan Bradley

  • Travel


    Experiential travel is one of the hottest trends in tourism, allowing you to step out among the fauna. By Scott Gummer

  • How We Got Started

    How We Got Started

    Eric Ryan and Adam LowryâÄôs Method helped create a new category: eco-friendly cleaning products. By Dinah Eng

  • Verne Harnish

    Verne Harnish

    Time is running out on 2013. Here are five winning fourth-quarter plays.

  • Tech at work


    Lookout co-founder John Hering is making corporate mobile networks safer. By JP Mangalindan

  • Tech star

    Tech star

    Assembled Objects founder Adam Pritzker thinks heâÄôs found the secret to marketing anything. By Jessi Hempel

  • Careers


    The executive title of the moment is product manager. But what exactly is it? By Adam Lashinsky

  • The Fortune 500 series

    The Fortune 500 series

    Caterpillar is building smarter backhoes, bulldozers, and excavators. By Stephanie N. Mehta

  • Interview


    Legg Mason's Bill Miller is rediscovering his winning touch. By Jon Birger

  • Anatomy of a trade

    Anatomy of a trade

    Ira Rothberg of Hennessy Focus thinks DickâÄôs Sporting Goods can outpace its competition. By Shannon Green

  • 21st-century investing

    21st-century investing

    Regular folks can now invest in funds long limited to the elite. By Lauren Silva Laughlin

  • Wealth advister

    Wealth adviser

    How to cash in on stock buybacks. By Janice Revell

  • Squandered blessings

    Squandered blessings

    We're the most blessed nation on earth, and we're allowing a disruptive minority to blow it all. By Andy Serwer