2014 Investor's Guide
December 23, 2013
Cover Story
2014 Investor's Guide

Our annual look at where to put your money in the coming year.

  • The ICE man cometh

    The ICE man cometh

    Jeffrey Sprecher bought a commodities exchange for $1, built it into a powerhouse energy trader called ICE -- aided by his wife and colleague, Kelly Loeffler -- and took it public at a valuation of $1.4 billion. Now that he has acquired the New York Stock Exchange, can he stop its slide? By Carol J. Loomis

  • The trouble at Bloomberg

    The trouble at Bloomberg

    The company is still a profit machine, but its growth is slowing, and its reputation has been singed by questions about its journalistic independence. With an internal war raging between old and new factions, can it figure out what it wants to be? By Peter Elkind

  • Geoff Colvin

    Geoff Colvin

    In a digital era does youth trump experience?

  • Allan Sloan

    Allan Sloan

    Taking Social Security: A question of how long you think you'll live.

  • Dan Primack

    Nina Easton

    The fracking backlash will hurt Democrats (yes, Democrats).

  • Closer look

    Closer look

    Hammacher Schlemmer, the oldest catalogue in America, gets a remodeling. By Ryan Bradley

  • Game Changers

    Game Changers

    Retailing is abuzz over Starbucks' Venti push into supermarkets. By Beth Kowitt

  • Questions For

    Questions For:

    Carrie Banahan, the director of the only state-based health care exchange in the South. By Jen Wieczner

  • WorldâÄôs Most Admired Companies

    World's Most Admired Companies

    How BMW focused on its design and production to boost sales in China. By Craig Giammona

  • How I Got Started

    How I Got Started

    John Tu didnâÄôt know much about storage when he started Kingston Technology. But he knew how to sell it. Interview by Dinah Eng

  • Rivalries


    The threat of Apple's next move looms large over streaming-media pioneer Roku. Not that itâÄôs worried. By Chanelle Bessette

  • Tech@work


    A dream team of Cisco veterans returns from retirement to take on the company's biggest threat to date. By Michal Lev-Ram

  • Logistics


    Can the tech industry find a way to make money with same-day delivery? The clock is ticking. By JP Mangalindan

  • Hazards of reporting

    Hazards of reporting

    In journalism these days, it seems that trouble -- or at least complication -- is never very far away. By Andy Serwer