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Table of Contents:VOL. 155, NO. 9 - May 28, 2007
China's new cultural revolution After more than a decade embracing all things western, Chinese consumers are turning more, well ... Chinese. Time to rethink the China strategy? (more)
The baby-boomers' kids are marching into the workplace, and look out: This crop of twentysomethings really is different. A field guide to Generation Y. (more)
Microsoft claims that free software like Linux violates 235 of its patents. And it wants royalties. (more)
The Spider-Man movies have made a mint - but not for Spidey's publisher. Fortune's Devin Leonard looks at whether a new studio chief has the superpowers he'll need. (more)
There's power in that name. The man, Michael Bloomberg, runs New York City and may have even grander ambitions. The company, Bloomberg LP, is a prodigious success and just keeps getting stronger. by Carol J. Loomis (more)
Shaking the Bancroft family tree Court documents in an obscure New Mexico town shed light on Rupert Murdoch's fight for Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, says Fortune's Tim Arango. (more)
In the wake of's rousing first quarter--profits of $111 million, up 115% from last year--it seems relevant to look back on an article this writer reported seven years ago (Fortune, May 1, 2000). We aimed then to forecast what this five-year-old, hugely innovative Seattle company might look like some years out, say, in 2007, which just happens to be right now.  (more)
The world's largest solar power plant is only the latest addition to Germany's investment in alternative power, Michael Dumiak reports for Fortune. (more)
Question Authority
Gucci Group CEO Robert Polet, who took over in 2004 in the face of industry skepticism, tells how he grew profits 44% last year.
A microcredit program created by Thailand's 'Mr. Condom' allows the HIV positive to start businesses and earn a living. (more)
Value driven Why the bosses (almost) always win in close shareholder votes. Fortune's Geoff Colvin counts the votes.  (more)
Time to throw out the accumulated junk in the mental attic, says Fortune's Stanley Bing.  (more)
Oil prices have been on the rise, but many energy stocks haven't kept pace. Fortune's Jon Birger looks at some surprisingly undervalued companies in a still-hot industry. (more)
Ahead of the Curve How to dial in to the iPhone (more)
Business Life
How green is my hybrid Fortune's Sue Callaway put the hotly anticipated hybrid luxury flagship from Lexus to the test. Plus: The best fuel-efficient cars on the road (and a few worth waiting for).  (more)
As the virtual currency goes mainstream, many of the reasons why investors embrace bitcoin could go away |more|