The future of computing
Coming soon: Google on your brain
'The age of computing has barely begun,' says one top scientist in Fortune's latest look into the future. In this commentary, senior editor David Kirkpatrick describes a world that's like an open-book test: 'Simply speak a question, or even think it and an answer will return from a vast data matrix -- Google queries will seem quaint.' (more)
Get ready for a quantum leap
Quantum computing visionary Stuart Wolf - from the Pentagon gang that brought us the Internet ñ thinks one day soon we'll ditch our laptops and cell phones and replace them withÖheadbands. Futurist Peter Schwartz details other changes we're in for during the next 25 years and explains the technology that makes it all possible. (more)
The race to build the Internet
From Google and Yahoo to Microsoft and IBM, America's biggest tech companies are spending billions of dollars to make the pipes that power the Web. (more)
What the Internet really looks like
Photo gallery: Forget any high-tech, space-age images you might have ñ behind the Net's servers lies a secret world of concrete, copper and diesel generators. (more)
Next Big Thing: Push media got a bad rap in the '90s. But now, Motorola and a host of startups are betting that we'll want news and information downloaded automatically to our cell phones. (more)
E-mail use is dropping fast among teens - a bonanza for wireless operators, but a troublesome trend for Web portals and online marketers. (more)
Future Boy: Kiss your keyboard goodbye: Soon we'll jack our brains directly into the Net - and that's just the beginning. (more)
Blog: Truth and rumors from the tech world. (more)
Two masters of digital media are set to fight tooth and nail over movie downloads this summer. (more)
With shares of XM Satellite Radio sinking to a nearly three-year low, is the company now a tempting takeover target? (more)