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For clean energy, look to the Internet Infotech pioneer Bob Metcalfe says the skills that helped drive the infotech revolution can do the same for energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials. More
Time to short Facebook, buy Bollywood Facebook and YouTube may have lots of buzz, but India's fast-growing film industry might just eclipse Silicon Valley's flavor-of-the-moment, says Fortune's Richard Siklos.  More
This is growing into a crisis. Land looks like it is becoming India's most explosive social issue, as those who benefit from land grabs become more greedy and those who lose out feel even further left behind. More
Facebook, take note -- in India users are flocking to the search giant's social networking play Orkut, reports Fortune's David Kirkpatrick. More
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw founder and chairman of Biocon, India's largest biotech, is just one of India's growing female ranks, reports Fortune's Patricia Sellers.  More
These firms actually don't do many buyouts, writes Fortune's Adam Lashinsky. Indians like to keep their companies in the family, plus it's easy to go public. More
India's growing pains A full discussion with Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of India' s Planning Commission on how growth is affecting the country. Play
Winners and losers A panel discussion on which countries are benefiting and which countries are losing out, in an increasingly globalized world. Play
Securities and Insecurities In an age of global finance, what impact has the liquidity crisis on capital markets in Asia and elsewhere? Play
Both Asian giants have spent billions on foreign purchases, but China's government-run entities are unable to operate as strategically their privately-owned Indian counterparts do.  More
This could lift a 30-year ban on India's access to nuclear power and other sensitive technologies, reports Fortune's John Elliott. More
The IMF reports that people in many countries around the globe are both materially better off and relatively worse off because of globalization, reports Fortune's Peter Gumbel. More