7:15pm: A British yacht maker that crafts luxury vessels for James Bond films is being bought by Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin. More
Jun 18: The population of multi-millionaires in little-known Chinese cities is growing at a breakneck pace, according to new research from WealthInsight. More
Jun 14: Nicaragua has granted a 50-year concession to a privately-held Hong Kong company to build a canal route linking the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific. More
Jun 10: A landmark two-day summit between President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping wrapped up without a breakthrough on the thorny issue of cybersecurity. More
Jun 7: President Obama is likely to raise the issue of cyberattacks and intellectual property theft during a retreat with his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping. More
Jun 6: While trade spats are nothing new, the volley of threats in recent days between China and the EU raises the specter of more retaliatory action between two of the world's biggest economies. More
Jun 6: China develops a supercomputer that is twice as fast as anything America has to offer. More
Jun 6: Beijing-based Internet retailer LightInTheBox made a strong debut on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday. More
Jun 5: China may crack down on $1 billion in wine imports from Europe, as a dispute over solar panels threatens to escalate into a wider trade war. More
Jun 3: Economic reports seeking to gauge activity in China's factories during the month of May have presented investors with a muddled picture, with official indicators from the state outpacing those of private forecasters. More
May 31: Large numbers of elderly Chinese are living below the poverty line and suffering from physical problems or depression, according to a study published Friday by western and Chinese academics. More
May 12: China's credit boom has saddled unworthy businesses with large loans, fueled the country's shadow banking system and put local governments on the hook for billions. More
Apr 11: Former Treasury Secretary and ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson forecasts big changes coming to China. More
Jun 21: Post-recession, you might be tempted to focus on your home market. But there's never been a better time to scour the world for innovation and profit. More