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Country No. of most admired cos.
U.S. 90
Japan 22
Britain 16
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Company Industry
DuPont Chemicals
Nestlé Consumer Food Products
Tesco Food and Drug Stores
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Thyssen Krupp*
Address: August Thyssen Str. 1
Düsseldorf, Germany 40211
Phone: 49-211-8240
Overall score: 6.76
Top 50 rank: N.A.
Rank in Metals: 3
Innovation N.A.
People management N.A.
Use of corporate assets N.A.
Social responsibility N.A.
Quality of management N.A.
Financial soundness N.A.
Long-term investment N.A.
Quality of products/services N.A.
Global competitiveness N.A.
Most Admired
1 ArcelorMittal 7.74
2 Nippon Steel 6.87
3 Thyssen Krupp 6.76
4 Alcoa 6.69
5 POSCO 6.48
6 Heraeus Holding 6.44
7 Alcan 6.29
8 JFE Holdings 6.19
9 Nucor 6.11
10 Kobe Steel 5.93
11 Corus Group 5.89
12 United States Steel 5.80
13 Norsk Hydro 5.71
14 Baosteel Group 5.59
15 China Minmetals 4.86
From the March 17, 2008 issue
*Rank in Industrial and Farm Equipment last year.
For companies in Metals, only aggregate scores and ranks are published (not attribute ranks) due to the distribution of responses in the industry.
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