Great Teams
Why dream teams fail
By Geoffrey Colvin
It may be tempting to recruit all-stars and let 'em rip. Don't do it. Dream teams often become nightmares of dysfunction (remember Eisner and Ovitz?). (more)
The team that saved Motorola
By Adam Lashinsky
A team of engineers and designers defied Motorola's own rules, ignored research and missed deadlines ñ and created the RAZR, a cell phone that outsells Apple's iPod. (more)
The Welshman, the Walkman and the salarymen
By Marc Gunther
Sony slept through the dawn of digital media. Now a Welsh-born American former media executive is charged with overhauling the company that once symbolized the rise of postwar Japan. Can Sir Howard Stringer and his polyglot crew wake the company up? (more)
How to build a great team
By Jerry Useem
Harmony. Cooperation. Synchronized effort. It's difficult, but it can be learned. Watch the great teams very closely ñ and then join one of your own. (more)
Six teams that made business history
Here are the teambuilding secrets of the designers of the Mac, the ad agency that came up with Mastercard's "priceless" campaign, and more. (more)
By Josh Hyatt
The open-source database software company has 320 workers in 25 countries, 70 percent of whom work from home. How on earth do they get anything done? (more)
By Paul Hochman
The Tour de France isn't just about speed. To win the grueling 2,700-mile race, you've got to cut deals with the enemy, maximize liquidity and punish the welshers. Here are the free-market lessons of long-distance bike racing. (more)
While working in consulting and private equity, Jim Vesterman thought he was a good team player. Then he joined the Marine Corps. (more)
E-mail and voicemail; yoga and personal assistants; structure and grooving: A dozen accomplished people tell what works for them. (more)
FORTUNE asked eight bold, creative people - from the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs to the man who found Harry Potter - to describe what guides their decision-making. (more)
Teams are just about everywhere you look. What makes them tick? Here are ten offbeat examples of teams that work.