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Fortune takes an inside look at what role India's growing number of highly-educated, English speaking workers play in India's exponential growth. Play
India's infrastructure has undergone dramatic change in the last few years. Fortune takes you inside this country's sudden growth. Play
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India's fast-growing economy, expansion in health care insurance and infrastructure, to grow national drug sales to triple by 2015. More
CNN's Don Lemon reports real estate prices in many parts of India are rising as fast as the economy. Play
An Indian city's infrastructure struggles to keep up with growth. CNN's Don Lemon reports. Play
Pakistan's cement surplus may fill India's shortfall. Could mutual economic interests ease the tensions between the two nations? Fortune's Saida Fazal reports. More
The Indian government has spent half-a-billion dollars trying to clean up Delhi's Yamuna River. It's only gotten worse, says Fortune's Daniel Pepper. More
The media company will announce a deal with India's Yash Raj Films to make animated films voiced by Indian movie stars. More
Indian entrepreneur Krishnan Ganesh is out to prove that consumer services can be outsourced just the way business services are. More
The prospects of the 'Detroit of South Asia' could be brighter than that of its U.S. counterpart. Fortune's Clay Chandler reports from Chennai. More
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CNN's Seth Doane reports on IT jobs in India expanding from large cities to small villages. (April 22) Play
Tenfold increase projected for India's biotech industry, but weak patent laws frustrate foreign investors.  More
The Indian art market is up 485 percent in the last decade. New investment funds allow investors to take advantage of managers' expertise, reports Fortune's Rupali Arora. More
Indian activists fight to protect underaged workers. CNN's Seth Doane reports (April 30) Play
Wal-Mart and Starbucks are among the iconic American brands itching to sell in India. But which brands do young, cash-rich Indian shoppers really want? More
First shipment of Indian mangoes gets cleared for sales in American stores after a 18-year ban. More
The buyout frenzy in India is going strong. But Is the euphoria over? Fortune's John Elliott reports. More
India's top matchmaking Web site is moving into storefronts to get a bigger piece of a $300 million business, Fortune's Daniel Pepper reports. More
India's Sunil Mittal has built a mobile-phone empire by turning outsourcing on its head. Now he's plotting a retail revolution with a new partner - Wal-Mart. More
The PE boom isn't just for American corporations - India's economy is on a roll and foreign private-equity investments have exploded over the past two years, says Fortune's Yassir Pitalwalla. More
Far from his 18th-century colonial mansion in Philadelphia, Ashok Kheny has been waging a ten-year battle to build a $600 million, 111-kilometer toll road connecting Bangalore to Mysore, the second-largest city in the state of Karnataka. More
Government price controls have pushed India's state-controlled oil refineries into the red. More
How an entrepreneurial bank in Mumbai built its business by hiring smart women managers and creating a female-friendly environment. More
In the battle between Indian generics companies and Western drugmakers, the losers may be millions of AIDS victims, Fortune reports. More
Silicon Valley entrepreneur Vinod Agarwal plans to build a semi-conductor plant in India. More
India is undergoing a second agricultural revolution - building the infrastructure that connects farm to supermarket. More
Property prices are rising fast as the tech boom spreads across the country. More
India's retail sector is booming. But local politics have forced big foreign companies to watch from the sidelines. More
he explosive growth of no-frills, low-fare airlines has turned India into one of the world's hottest travel markets. It is also playing havoc with the country's overburdened and under-equipped airports--and with profits at the airlines. More
After 17 months in office, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a Cambridge-educated economist, talks about his country's accelerating growth. More
A tech revolution, a new middle class, a sizzling economy. But it still can't get the basics right. More
At the Taj Mahal of training centers, a fast-growing Indian outsourcing company lavishes attention on its recruits. More