Investor's special: Recession economy

Recession? Where to put your money now
Market gloom means great opportunities, if you've got courage and patience. (more)

Recession road trip
Is the economy really on the rocks? We packed our bags and canvassed the country - seven cities in seven days - to find out how America's business owners see it. (more)

Managing your business in a downturn
Don't expect the good times to roll for quite some time, says one of the Fortune 500's favorite management gurus. But smart executives can use the downturn to make their companies better, stronger, and faster. Here's how. (more)

Interactive: 50 years of bear markets and recessions
Recessions and bear markets ñ which don't always go hand in hand ñ are a fact of life. When you take the long view, you can see they create the opportunities that can help you build wealth. (more)

Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer spoke extensively with Lawrence Summers, Harvard University professor who served as Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton. (more)
How the presidential candidates play the sluggish economy will determine the winner - and it may not be a Democrat. A look at campaigns during recessions past offers some surprising lessons. (more)