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The SEC inspector's wasteful approach to curbing waste and abuse 10:39am: The ethical watchdog who oversees the securities regulator spent five months on a politically-motivated fishing expedition about the timing of the Goldman Sachs complaint. Worse, he's proud of it. More
Sep 13: Do the ends justify the means in the $27 billion Ecuadorian suit that's become an environmental cause célèbre? So far, U.S. judges don't think so. More
Aug 5: Chevron now wants to depose the moviemaker behind Crude, saying outtakes from his film show fraud and collusion in a court case that could cost it $27.4 billion. More
Aug 4: Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang thinks the giant chipmaker is a bully. Now he's going to court to try to prove it. More
Aug 3: Why all the antitrust class actions against Intel may get thrown out of court, even though six regulatory agencies say the chip giant broke the law. More
Jul 30: The attorneys that brought us asbestos and tobacco litigation have filed a complaint against BP that reads like a blueprint for a mass tort. More
Jul 27: The SEC's settlement with Dell makes it the sixth regulator -- representing 30 countries -- to conclude that Intel made improper payments to computer makers around the world. More
Jul 12: Ken Feinberg explains why victims who want to get paid now will have to settle for all future claims against BP. More
Jul 1: After spending 16 years suing Intel as arch rival AMD's top lawyer, Tom McCoy will hang up his writs. More
Jun 28: What the Supreme Court's ruling on PCAOB officers means for aspiring accounting fraudsters and investors. More
Jun 25: The Supreme Court's ruling on Enron CEO Jeff Skilling's case will have majory consequences. An explainer on what the decisions might unleash. More
Jun 18: A group of 15 economists called the Squam Lake Group would withhold executive compensation and require living wills for banks. More
Jun 11: Fortune's legal analyst answers more questions about the lawsuits and liabilities from the BP disaster in the Gulf Coast. More
Jun 4: Fortune's legal analyst answers some frequently asked questions about the lawsuits stemming from BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster. More
Apr 1: The sites share names with VA hospitals, but the only content on there seems designed to confuse elderly veterans into suing. More
Feb 12: The Supreme Court ruling that corporations and individuals have identical First Amendment rights exposes an ideological rift among the justices. More
Dec 16: Today's FTC action against the chipmaker introduces some new allegations into the ongoing battle about the company's competitive practices. More
Nov 13: The chipmaker still faces the New York attorney general, foreign trade regulators, and about 80 consumer class-action lawsuits. More
Nov 13: How emails played a role in Intel's $1.25 billion settlement with AMD nine days after they were made public. More
Oct 22: The end of the suit brings a rough week to an end for the plaintiff's lawyer, who had another case thrown out. More
Oct 22: An upcoming case will provide the first glimpse into how the justices feel about capping compensation. More
Oct 15: At the start of the criminal trial of two hedge-fund managers, a defense lawyer argues that the alleged lies told to investors are not clear-cut. More
Sep 23: Now that an angry judge has rejected the proposed settlement between the SEC and BofA, a convenient catch-22 is likely to fall by the wayside. More
Sep 16: After two years, a racketeering case is reaching what may be a profitable conclusion for Bank of New York Mellon. More
Jun 9: Did the Obama administration overstep its powers in an effort to save the ailing automaker? More
May 22: Preetinder Bharara sees unfairness in case law that lets corporations be held responsible for acts of rogue employees. More
May 14: Analysis: It's getting hard to believe the company's protestations of antitrust innocence. More