100 Top MBA employers 

Companies where MBA candidates say they'd most like to work

Here's the base salary MBA candidates say they expect to earn.
First job after graduation
All students 88,087 81,658
Women 86,805 81,962
Men 94,710 89,933
5 years after graduation
All students 167,052 156,753
Women 156,290 155,909
Men 191,541 184,352
More lists:
Most popular with women
McKinsey & Company 13.43
Google 12.14
Johnson & Johnson 10.52
Most popular with men
McKinsey & Company 24.16
Goldman Sachs 16.66
Bain & Company 15.86
How we pick the 100 Top MBA Employers
Think of it as a popularity contest for companies: Every year research firm Universum Communications ( ranks the most desirable employers in the world, based on where MBA candidates say they'd most like to work... (more)