An alphabetical index of all the Most Admired companies and contenders this year.
Company Industry Overall score
BAE Systems Aerospace and Defense 5.43
Baker Hughes Oil and Gas Equipment, Services 6.58
Ball Packaging, Containers 6.69
Bank of America Megabanks 4.53
Bank of New York Mellon Superregional Banks 6.42
Baosteel Group Metals 6.44
Barclays Megabanks 5.75
BASF Chemicals 6.60
Baxter International Medical Equipment 6.76
Bayer Chemicals 5.97
BB&T Corp. Superregional Banks 6.02
Becton Dickinson Medical Equipment 6.62
Bed Bath & Beyond Specialty Retailers: Diversified 5.54
Beiersdorf Soaps and Cosmetics 5.98
Bemis Packaging, Containers 6.74
Berkshire Hathaway Insurance: Property and Casualty 7.34
Berry Plastics Packaging, Containers 4.78
Bertelsmann Entertainment 6.26
Best Buy Specialty Retailers: Diversified 4.75
BG Group Mining, Crude-Oil Production 5.54
BHP Billiton Mining, Crude-Oil Production 6.36
Biomet Medical Equipment 5.87
BMW Motor Vehicles 7.12
BNP Paribas Megabanks 4.75
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals 5.38
Boeing Aerospace and Defense 6.81
Boise Forest and Paper Products 4.67
Bombardier Aerospace and Defense 5.97
Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Information Technology Services 6.89
Boston Scientific Medical Equipment 4.37
Bouygues Engineering, Construction 5.47
BP Petroleum Refining 4.99
Bridgestone Motor Vehicle Parts 5.48
Brightpoint Wholesalers: Electronics and Office Equipment 6.07
Brink's Diversified Outsourcing Services 5.21
Brinker International Food Services 4.27
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals 6.20
British American Tobacco Tobacco 7.76
Broadcom Semiconductors 6.83
Broadridge Financial Solutions Financial Data Services 5.80
Brown Shoe Specialty Retailers: Apparel 4.40
BT Group Telecommunications 5.69
Bunge Food Production 6.47
Burger King Holdings Food Services 3.36
From the March 19, 2012 issue
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4. FedEx 391
5. IBM 304
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