An alphabetical index of all the Most Admired companies and contenders this year.
Company Industry Overall score
W.W. Grainger Wholesalers: Diversified 7.37
Wal-Mart Stores General Merchandisers 6.92
Walgreen Food & Drug Stores 6.46
Walt Disney Entertainment 8.14
Warnaco Group Apparel 6.01
Warner Music Group Entertainment 5.22
Weatherford International Oil and Gas Equipment, Services 5.46
WellCare Health Plans Health Care: Insurance and Managed Care 3.87
WellPoint Health Care: Insurance and Managed Care 6.03
Wells Fargo Megabanks 6.48
Wendy's Food Services 4.35
WESCO International Wholesalers: Diversified 5.86
West Diversified Outsourcing Services 5.46
Western Digital Computers 5.60
Western Union Consumer Credit Card and Related Services 5.51
Weyerhaeuser Forest and Paper Products 5.66
Whirlpool Home Equipment and Furnishings 6.46
Whole Foods Market Food and Drug Stores 7.18
Wilmar International Food Production 7.01
Wistron Computers 4.81
World Fuel Services Wholesalers: Diversified 6.08
Wuhan Iron & Steel Metals 5.78
Wyndham Worldwide Hotels, Casinos, Resorts 7.77
Wynn Resorts Hotels, Casinos, Resorts 7.65
From the March 19, 2012 issue
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1. Apple 1,188
2. Teradata 651
3. Tupperware Brands 564
4. FedEx 391
5. IBM 304
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