America's Most Admired Companies 

Which companies have the best reputations? This year, GE's up; Dell and Wal-Mart are down. (more)
2. FedEx
8. Dell
5. Starbucks
10. Microsoft
California is home to the most corporations on this year's list. See the top-rated firms near you. (more)
ï Texas
ï New York

What makes a company well-regarded? Companies were scored on eight key areas of leadership. See the 10 most -- and least -- admired for... (more)

From airlines to wholesalers, which companies scored the highest when ranked by their peers and rivals? Plus, see the complete rankings for 65 industries. (more)

On FORTUNE's global list, General Electric is No. 1 again, for the sixth time in eight years, while Toyota raced up the list to finish in second place. Which other companies made the top 10? (more)

For the most admired company in America -- and the world, success does not come easy. (more)
To bring its hybrid Prius to market, the world's most admired car company had to overcome punishing deadlines, skeptical dealers, finicky batteries, and its own risk-averse culture. (more)
In a year when the market was dodgy and economic news mixed, companies like GE that take the long view got a boost. (more)
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