America's Most Admired Companies
Volt Info. Sciences
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Overall score: 4.28
Top 20 Rank: N.A.
Rank among Temporary Help: 6
Address: 560 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-704-2400

How the states stack up
California 39
New York 36
Texas 29
Most admired for managing talent
General Electric 1
Procter & Gamble 1
Google 1
Most admired for innovation
Apple Computer 1
Google 1
UnitedHealth Group 1
Industry champions
Home Depot Specialty retailers
IBM Computers
Toyota Motor vehicles
How we pick the Most Admired companies
The Most Admired list is the definitive report card on corporate reputations. Our survey partners at Hay Group started with the FORTUNE 1,000... (more)