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General Electric
General Electric
Top 50 rank: 13
Rank in Electronics: 1
(Previous rank: 1)
Overall score: 6.43
Why it's admired
General Electric took a beating during the financial crisis as its financial services division plunged the company deep into the red. Now, the company is doubling down on the business that made it an American icon in the first place -- making things.

And does it ever, with a hand in everything from smart lightbulbs to portable ultrasound technology to fuel cells.

Led by CEO Jeffrey Immelt, GE has promised to bring jobs to the U.S. and improve its infrastructure. That must have sounded good to President Barack Obama, who named Immelt to the top spot of his Presidential Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. --A.V.

Should General Electric be admired, or what?
General Electric stats
Nine key attributes of reputation Industry rank
Innovation 3
People management 1
Use of corporate assets 1
Social responsibility 1
Quality of management 1
Financial soundness 4
Long-term investment 3
Quality of products/services 2
Global competitiveness 1
Industry: Electronics
Most Admired
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4 Panasonic 5.65
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6 Siemens 5.61
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8 Toshiba 5.30
Rank Company Overall score
9 LG 5.24
10 Schneider Electric 5.07
11 Sharp 4.95
12 Mitsubishi Electric 4.61
13 Tyco International 4.51
14 Hitachi 4.47
15 Sumitomo Electric Industries 4.42
From the March 21, 2011 issue
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