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Wal-Mart Stores
Wal-Mart Stores
Top 50 rank: 11
Rank in General Merchandisers: 1
(Previous rank: 1)
Overall score: 6.93
Why it's admired
The multinational mecca of "every day low prices," Wal-Mart sometimes gets a bad rap. At a recent City Council hearing in New York City, Big Apple residents ridiculed the corporate giant for perceived poor labor practices and pricing out smaller competitors.

But council members may have missed a memo: The world's biggest retailer is also, by many counts, the world's greenest retailer -- leading the charge in sustainability. Wal-Mart's sheer size means every move the company makes -- using environmentally friendly HP Pavilion packaging for example -- has huge ripple effects.Though its latest earnings were somewhat disappointing, the company still pulls in more than $400 billion each year, and it continues to add markets. Fresh off an expansion into Africa, it's also moving ahead at home -- look for it in New York sooner rather than later. --By Anne VanderMey

Should Wal-Mart Stores be admired, or what?
Wal-Mart Stores stats
Nine key attributes of reputation Industry rank
Innovation 3
People management 3
Use of corporate assets 2
Social responsibility 1
Quality of management 3
Financial soundness 1
Long-term investment 2
Quality of products/services 6
Global competitiveness 1
Most Admired
1 Wal-Mart Stores 6.93
2 Target 6.92
3 Nordstrom 6.62
4 Kohl's 6.01
5 J.C. Penney 5.39
Rank Company Overall score
6 Macy's 5.38
7 Dollar General 5.22
8 Family Dollar Stores 4.88
9 Sears Holdings 4.40
10 Dillard's 4.16
From the March 21, 2011 issue
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Bentonville, AR 72716
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