FORTUNE 50 Most Powerful Women in Business 
FORTUNE's annual ranking of America's leading businesswomen
These nine women make their debuts on the Most Powerful list this year.
26 Carol Meyrowitz TJX Cos.
32 Pat Curran Wal-Mart Stores
35 Joanne Maguire Lockheed
37 Colleen Goggins Johnson & Johnson
40 Paula Rosput Reynolds Safeco
43 Deirdre Connelly Eli Lilly
46 Catherine West J.C. Penney
48 Diane Gulyas DuPont
49 Christina Gold Western Union
From the October 16, 2006 issue
Highest pay
These women are among the highest paid in corporate America. All of them are employed by companies with over $1 billion in sales that filed proxies by September 1, 2006.
1 Safra Catz $26.1 million
2 Susan Decker $24.3 million
3 Suzanne Nora Johnson $23.1 million
Young and powerful
22 Charlene Begley 39
9 Sallie Krawcheck 41
32 Pat Curran 42
Perennial powers
These women have been on the Power 50 each year since it began in 1998.
38 Cathleen Black Hearst Magazines
7 Andrea Jung Avon
30 Shelley Lazarus WPP