The power generation gap

Can nuclear power help solve global warming? Soaring energy costs? Only if weíre convinced itís safe. Editor-at-large David Whitford travels cross-country in search of our nuclear future.

On the road
Click on the interactive map to track Davidís journey from the site of the first No Nukes protests to Three Mile Island and the industryís next generation reactors. (more)

The nuclear revival, in pictures
America's experience with nuclear energy is sprawling and complex. These locations and characters are just a few of the players that David encountered during his cross-country trip. (more)

Leg 1
Rethinking Three Mile Island
It was billed as the nation's worst commercial nuclear accident, but how bad was it really? (more)

Leg 2
The new American heartland
The industry is coming alive in the Midwest's Ohio Valley. Fortune tours the hot spots. (more)

Leg 3
The high cost of going nuclear
Power companies are lining up to build new plants after a decade of stagnation. What's standing in the way? (more)

Leg 4
The trouble with nuclear waste
It's not easy building a home for spent radioactive material. The proposed site at Yucca Mountain has been underway for over 30 years. (more)

Leg 5
In search of safe nukes
The Idaho National Laboratory is at work on next generation reactors that promise to deliver more reliable energy. (more)
Going Nuclear
Nuclear power plants provide about 20 percent of the nationís electricity, but itís been more than a decade since the last plant went online. Read David Whitfordís full story on what it will take to revive the struggling industry. (more)

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