100 years of power

From Mary Pickford to Carly Fiorina, the most powerful businesswomen by decade.

Catherine Cleary (1916- )
1970-80: Honorable Mention
Catherine Cleary (1916- )
President, First Wisconsin Trust

When Fortune did a story in 1973 on the 10 highest-ranking women in business, Cleary was the only one who had built a career by working her way up the ranks, without either founding or inheriting a company. Cleary also served on the boards of AT&T, GM and Northwestern Mutual.

Mary Pickford

C.J. Walker

Elizabeth Arden

Lila Acheson Wallace

Mary Gindhart Roebling

Olive Ann Beech

Margaret Rudkin

Ida Rosenthal

Ruth Handler

Estée Lauder

Katharine Graham

Catherine Cleary

Linda Wachner

Carly Fiorina
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