Top 10 Companies for Leaders

Fortune asked the top ten companies to share their best practices for developing leaders in a global economy.

General Mills
6. General Mills
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.

Revenue1: $11.6 billion
No. of employees: 27,500
CEO: Stephen Sanger
Top alumni: Roger Enrico, former CEO of PepsiCo; Dick Kovacevich, chairman, Wells Fargo

Prepare to Solve Problems. Last year the cereal maker launched a three-day simulation program that prepares employees for situations that might not occur on a typical day. Groups of 36 managers are brought together at headquarters and divided into six teams to compete against one another in challenges that replicate normal business problems. The results are often surprising, says CEO Steve Sanger: "An R&D scientist will often come up with a really smart marketing idea."

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12006 revenue in U.S. dollars.
Sources: Hewitt Associates and The RBL Group

General Electric

Procter & Gamble


Hindustan Unilever

Capital One Financial

General Mills




Infosys Technologies
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