Top 10 Companies for Leaders

Fortune asked the top ten companies to share their best practices for developing leaders in a global economy.

7. McKinsey
None, 2

Revenue1: More than $1 billion3
No. of employees: 14,000
CEO: Ian Davis, managing director
Top alumni: Lou Gerstner Jr., chairman of Carlyle Group; Stephen Green, chairman of HSBC Holdings

Groom Global Talent. With offices in 45 countries and business that's rarely nation-specific, global cross-pollination of employees is essential to this firm's mission. In 2007, 2,500 consultants will work full-time on projects outside their home country. Come January, McKinsey will launch a program that allows employees to work 12- to 24-month stints in two foreign markets. A Scandinavian building a career in tech might spend a year in Silicon Valley and one in Korea before returning with a broader perspective and an expanded network.

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12006 revenue in U.S. dollars.
2McKinsey has no official headquarters.
3Revenue is FORTUNE estimate; the company does not disclose revenues.
Sources: Hewitt Associates and The RBL Group

General Electric

Procter & Gamble


Hindustan Unilever

Capital One Financial

General Mills




Infosys Technologies
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