25 Highest-paid men

See how the best-compensated male executives' paychecks compare to the 25 best-paid women.

Alan Mulally
20. Alan Mulally
President, CEO
Ford Motor (F)

2006 Total compensation: $40.5 million*
*Includes annualized base salary. Annual bonus includes a one-time signing bonus of $7,500,000 to $11,000,000 as an offset for forfeited performance and stock option awards at his former employer.

Bob Nardelli

Tom Freston

Terry Semel

Henry Silverman

Bob Simpson

Lloyd Blankfein

Gary Cohn

Jon Winkelried

Ray Irani

Stanley O'Neal

Larry Culp Jr.

Lew Frankfort

Angelo Mozilo

Robert D. Walter

Peter Chernin

Bob Iger

John Mack

Todd S. Nelson

Jamie Dimon

Alan Mulally

David Viniar

James Cayne

Glenn Tilton

Nabeel Gareeb

Alan Schwartz
Source: Equilar Inc.
Note: Total compensation includes annualized base salary, discretionary and performance-based annual bonuses, the grant date present value of new stock and option awards, the target value of long-term incentive awards payable in cash, and other compensation. Where relevant, other compensation includes severance payments. Equilar, an executive compensation research firm in Redwood Shores, Calif., prepared the chart by looking at companies with more than $1 billion in revenues that filed proxies by Sept. 1.
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