25 most powerful people in business

Some are empire builders. Others are hired guns. But if they truly have world-class oomph, they're on Fortune's subjective - yet really quite accurate - list of the most powerful businesspeople in the world.

Lee Scott
13. Lee Scott
CEO, Wal-Mart

Why is Lee Scott still on this list? Sales growth at Wal-Mart has stalled; it's embroiled in a class-action employee lawsuit; Scott has led botched forays into fashion and home décor; and, of course, the company name has become a byword for middlebrow values with a dash of naked capitalism. But he's here because Wal-Mart is still America's biggest company (2006 revenues: $351 billion), and Scott still runs the place. About one of every ten non-auto retail dollars in the U.S. is spent at a Wal- Mart. It is also the nation's biggest energy consumer, its biggest real estate developer, and its biggest non-government employer. More than that, the company may be turning a corner. Healthy profits in its most recent quarter bode well for the holiday, and Scott is pushing a slew of eco-friendly initiatives that are alleviating some of that bad PR. --Matthew Boyle

Steve Jobs

Rupert Murdoch

Lloyd Blankfein

Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergei Brin

Warren Buffett

Rex Tillerson

Bill Gates

Jeff Immelt

Katsuaki Watanabe

A.G. Lafley

John Chambers

Li Ka-shing

Lee Scott

Lakshmi Mittal

Jamie Dimon

Mark Hurd

James McNerney

Marius Kloppers

Steve Schwarzman

Carlos Slim

Steve Feinberg

Indra Nooyi

Ratan Tata

Bob Iger

Bernard Arnault
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