10 high-flying snafus

Air travel took a wrong turn long ago. But 2007 was a year in which -- dare we say it? -- the industry hit new lows.

Iberia Airlines
Iberia Airlines
Fly the someone-in-
is-out-of-his-freakin'-mind skies
Spanish national airline Iberia advertises its service to Cuba with a cartoon featuring dark-skinned Cuban women in bikinis bottle-feeding a tourist baby as he sings, "Feed me, mulattas ... come on, little mamas, take me to my crib." The women then transport the baby to the beach, dance for him, and massage him. After an outcry, the commercials are pulled.
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Southwest Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin-Talal

SkyWest Airlines

Doug Parker

British Airways

Southwest Airlines, Part 2

Iberia Airlines

Jet Blue

British Airways Part 2
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