Sex, drugs and celebrities

In 2007, sex and drugs surfaced in the most unlikely places -- like children's toys, fitness centers, and of course the urn holding Keith Richards' father.

They had such high hopes
Predicting a blockbuster, Pfizer introduces the diabetes drug Exubera, a form of insulin inhaled through a tubular device. It's quickly dismissed as a "medicinal bong" by a prominent diabetic blogger, while the president of the American Diabetes Association, citing lung-function risks, says, "I see it as my job to talk people out of it." Pfizer quickly gives up on the product, taking a $2.8 billion write-off.
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Naked Sunday


Cocaine energy drink

Chris Albrecht

Adam "Pacman" Jones

Isiah Thomas

Keith Richards

James Cayne

Oral B

Summit Products



The European Union


Paris Hilton

Jessica Simpson

One Laptop Per Child

Singapore Airlines

Maria Bartiromo
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