Top tech flops

Exploding toilets and a startup that actually called itself VaporTech. When 400 surfers are dumb enough to click on an ad offering to infect their PCs, what's left for us to do?

Research in Motion
Research in Motion
This is your brain on e-mail
BlackBerry users are forced to go cold turkey when maker Research in Motion's servers go down for the better part of a day. "I felt like my left arm had been amputated," says one. Six months later a number of prominent addicts - including venture capitalist Fred Wilson and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams - admit to experiencing phantom incoming-message vibrations even when not wearing their devices.
Last updated December 20 2007: 10:06 AM ET

High-tech toilets

Electronic voting machines

Cartoon Network


John Mackey

The European Union


Research in Motion

John Griffin


Sony Part 2

Verizon Wireless


365 Main

One Laptop Per Child



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