10 fascinating Googlers

From puzzle champions and Olympic cyclists to former bullfight promoters and Everest climbers, meet the people who help make the Googleplex such a colorful place to work.

Andy Rubin
Andy Rubin
Director of Mobile Platforms

Sure, he's got an automatic gong for a doorbell and rides around on a laser-controlled Segway, but that's not what makes Rubin such a colorful - and legendary - character in Silicon Valley. The creator of Google's Android operating system for cellphones got his start as a robot engineer; worked for both Apple and a spinoff called General Magic; helped found Artemis Research, which became WebTV; and went on to found Danger, which created the Sidekick smartphone. He left Danger to start his secretive Android project and the company with the same name that was snapped up by Google in 2005. Under Rubin's guidance, the first Android-powered phones are expected to arrive later this year.
Last updated January 22 2008: 8:01 AM ET

Larry Brilliant

Andy Rubin

Andrew "Max" Maxwell

Dylan Casey

Joe Kraus

Wei-Hwa Huang

Marcus Mitchell

Shaluinn Fullove

Christophe Bisciglia

Dora Hsu
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