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Alan Mulally
President and CEO, Ford Motor Company

The best advice I ever received was to have a point of view about the future that focuses on the customer. This advice was why, at Boeing, we decided to move from big airplanes to smaller airplanes that can fly point-to-point, non-stop. We know people do not want to stop at big hubs on their way to a final destination and deregulation of the airline industry allowed a different solution.

Now at Ford, the same advice is guiding us. With issues of energy security and sustainability growing in importance, the strategies we need to implement become clear. An example? Ecoboost, our new turbo-charging direct-injection engine technology that significantly increases fuel economy and driving performance while reducing CO2, is being introduced across our product lineup beginning next year.

Have a point of view. Focus on the customer. Deliver value. Great advice!

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Last updated April 30 2008: 4:31 PM ET