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Mozilo's 'disgusting' reply-all
Mozilo's 'disgusting' reply-all
Former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo
If you thought the former Countrywide CEO couldn't sink any lower, think again. Already under attack as the overpaid, over-tanned and over-zealous pioneer of subprime mortgages, Angelo Mozilo doesn't do himself any favors in May after reading a customer's e-mailed plea for help with his home loan.

Intending to forward the missive to a colleague, Mozilo instead hits "reply all" and sends a response calling the beleaguered homeowner's request "unbelievable" and "disgusting." "Most of letters now have the same wording," grouses Mozilo. "Obviously they are being counseled by some other person or by the internet."

Mozilo's heartfelt reply makes its way onto the Internet - and the onetime real estate king finds himself out of a job after Bank of America acquires Countrywide in July. -- By Penelope Patsuris, CNNMoney.com senior producer

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