6 stocks for a greener planet

Solar, wind, and other green stocks got hammered in the downturn. Now might be a great time to buy.

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Making money from a movement
Making money from a movement
If you don't think green is big business, consider that clean-energy capital investments globally are on track to grow by 25% to $200 billion in 2010, according to the research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance. But can individual investors actually make money from the movement? In fact, green stocks are coming off their lows, and this may be a good time to look at them. The WilderHill Clean Energy index, for example, has dropped by about 66% since 2008, which Rob Wilder, the index's co-founder, calls a correction after so much solar hype. In the long term, the world will continue to move toward a low carbon, more sustainable economy. For those who believe that, here are some picks for your green portfolio.

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Last updated December 20 2010: 2:49 PM ET
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