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3rd place: GlucaGo
3rd place: GlucaGo
Peter M Greco Jr. (left), Rush L. Bartlett II
School: Indiana University and Purdue University
Business concept: A drug delivery device that mixes and injects freeze-dried medication in one step
Judge's comment: "The market is there, if they can reach it. It seems like they have made the right contacts to overcome the technology adoption issue."

GlucaGo shows symptoms of being a serious venture. Its co-founders put $30,000 of personal money into their medical device, which simplifies the process of mixing and injecting drugs that come in freeze-dried form, like vaccines.

"We took a big gamble," says Rush Bartlett II, a Ph.D. student at Purdue who is completing his MBA at IU at the same time. With Arthur Chlebowski, a fellow doctoral student, and MBA student Peter Greco Jr., Bartlett saw room for improvement in the emergency kits used for treating hypoglycemia. They've devised a system that combines and injects the mixture automatically. The sealed-off compartment for the drug means that it no longer needs to be refrigerated, and it's designed so manufacturers can make it cheaply.

Next step: finding a partner. "We need a deal, and we're optimistic about getting one," says Greco. "There's a lot of interest in what we're doing."

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