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"Duck Guy"
Company: Aflac
Best Companies rank: 57

Those ubiquitous quacking ducks in the Aflac commercials may get the on-screen fame, but six real live ducks actually live on the company's campus in Columbus, Ga. And ever since security guard Bill Zimmerman was assigned to the area that encompasses the duck pond, he's become the official company caretaker of the animals.

Each morning he lets the ducks out of their overnight pens; then he cleans their beds while they hang out all day on Aflac's quarter-acre pond. At night, when everybody goes home, the ducks do, too: Zimmerman treks to the pond, where the ducks waddle up to him to be fed, watered, and put to bed. He says they know the sight of him, and come running when they spot him. "They get used to the blue uniform," he says.

Zimmerman loves his feathered friends. "It's like caring for a kid -- that's what I call them is my kids," he says. "If I have to leave Aflac for any reason, hopefully they'd let me take one of the ducks with me."

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