Google: Time off, even at the office
Google: Time off, even at the office
Days off/year: 15-25 days

Google is pretty much a perk haven. The company offers everything from free meals to an on-site doctor at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., so it's no surprise that the company boasts an impressive vacation policy.

Employees at Google get 15 vacation days during their first year at the company, 20 days off after four years, and 25 days after six years. Googlers also get all of the sick days they need and 12 paid holidays.

Google also has a "20% time" program that encourages employees to use a fifth of their paid work hours for activities outside of their core duties, which can include anything from volunteering with other Google workers to organizing an on-campus event.

Last updated June 06 2011: 2:48 PM ET