10 cars in bad need of a design overhaul

Most car guys would deny it, but autos are partly a fashion business. Here are 10 autos that are ready for a full makeover.

Make it work
Make it work
Auto design changes don't come along as quickly as mannequins on a runway, but they arrive and depart with some frequency. Buyers like what's hot and new, and more functional change is driven by engineering advances, government regulations, and customer requirements.

Sometimes, what's new in a car design is simply a new look at something that used to be old. Ford introduced a retro-themed Mustang in 2005 and is now going to a more fashion-forward look in 2014 when the pony car gets an overhaul. The change isn't going down well with some traditionalists. "It's about time to ruin one of Ford's best sellers by turning it into the Ford Probe," complains one blogger.

Other times, change is more drastic. General Motors is saying goodbye to the Chevy Avalanche after the 2013 model year. With its four doors and adjustable pickup bed, the Avalanche resembles nothing so much as a crew-cab pickup -- and customers have decided they would rather just have the pickup.

Here are some other fashion changes that are coming due. Some are timely and some less so. Some range from a little sheet metal and chrome to a total rethink. And they're all coming to a driveway near you.

By Alex Taylor III, senior editor-at-large - Last updated April 19 2012: 7:16 AM ET