Career advice from Fortune 500's women CEOs

With plenty of glass in their hair, the female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have doled out anecdotes and advice during their tenures. Here are some of their best practices.

Marissa Mayer
Company: Yahoo
Fortune 500 rank: 483
Age: 37

Editors' note: Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo on July 17, replacing interim CEO Ross Levinsohn.

"When you do something you're not ready to do, that's when you push yourself and you grow," Mayer told the audience at the 2011 Fortune Most Powerful Women dinner in Palo Alto, CA. "It's when you sort of move through that moment of discomfort of, 'Wow, what have I gotten myself into this time?"

By Colleen Leahey, reporter - Last updated July 18 2012: 2:08 PM ET