• 20 least profitable

    20 least profitable

    These companies lost the most

  • The biggest stock gainers

    The biggest stock gainers

    Investors in these Fortune 500 companies saw handsome returns in 2011.

  • Biggest stock losers

    Biggest stock losers

    Fortune 500 companies returned nearly 7% to investors annually for the past 10 years, but investors in these 20 companies were not so fortunate.

  • Top 50

    Top 50

    Exxon Mobil knocks Wal-Mart from the top spot. Who else made the top 50 this year?

  • Fortune 500's political moneymen

    Fortune 500's political moneymen

    Almost half the CEOs for the top 25 Fortune 500 companies made a campaign contribution in 2011.

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